1. Justin Tibaldi

    My family and I spent a most wonderful day with Nicole in Rome. Her passion for the city and in depth knowledge made it really interesting – she also knew how to bypass the queues which made life easy! Rome has now become my favourite European City thanks in no small part to Nicole. I would thoroughly recommend her as a first class tour guide!

  2. Dennis F.

    My wife and I used the services of Nicole when we were in Rome in 2015. Since then we have referred 2 friends that were also travelling to Rome. There isn’t a negative thing I can say about our experience. Nicole customized a two days for us with the goal of creating an experience that was ‘off the beaten path.’ She definitely delivered and also provided a number of restaurant recommendations and tips for the remainder of our trip. I would not hesitate using Nicole’s services in the future.

  3. Mark Bombara

    I can not even express how much of an amazing time my partner and I had along with 2 friends of ours with Nicole walking through the Vatican and Catacombs and the City of Rome. Within the first hour we were carrying on as if we were friends for years. Her expertise, her knowledge of History were beyond what we expected! We learned so much! We can not wait to return and do a walking tour with her again! We highly recommend her often for the best experience! Ciao Bella!

  4. Julie C.

    I was referrred to Nicole by a friend here in San Diego that has now referred multiple visitors to her. Nicole is bright, extremely knowledgeable, charming, personable and we will remain to be friends. I especially appreciated that Nicole extended herself greatly before our arrival by answering questions and making many suggestions about other aspects of our travel plans. The Vatican tour can be daunting, but with Nicole by our side we avoided the crowds and were able to enjoy an in depth experience despite the multitudes of tourists around us. Additionally, Nicole provided a great number of restaurant recommendations, even after our time together. I felt free to contact her and she graciously provided more information and ideas. Our visit to Rome was truly marvelous and I attribute much of the reason of this to our connection with this beautiful and lovely lady. I would highly recommend Nicole for an outstanding experience.

  5. Donna McHale

    We have had the pleasure of working with Nicole for the past several years. We visit Rome each year and always connect with Nicole so she can enhance our experience. Nicole is very knowledgable about Rome and has made our time with her amazing! We would never have learned and experienced so much about Rome without Nicole! She has been able to tailor our visits to whoever we have with us – young teens, mid-20 aged children, etc. We cannot say enough about Nicole and how excellent she has made our visits to Rome! We will never visit Rome without Nicole!

  6. Cary & Nancy Wolfson

    Our tour of the Catacombs and San Clemente underground was outstanding. Nicole is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. At first she wanted to make sure she wasn’t boring us with too much information, but when she understood that we were really into all the archeology and history we really clicked. For me, the highlight, after a wild taxi ride, was the wealth of subterranean treasures at the Church of San Clemente. Our brains were spinning with the compression of over 2000 years of history into one site. Nicole was a joy to spend time with and even took us to her favorite spot for authentic gelato before depositing us at our bus stop. She later emailed us some useful information for the rest of her visit and we’ve stayed in touch with her via Facebook. It would’ve been great to have her as our personal assistant for the full six days we spent in Rome. ;-}


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