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Rome Underground Tour: unveiling Rome’s subterranean world

Set of on the Rome Underground Tour to unveil Rome’s subterranean world with a knowledgeable, friendly English-speaking tour guide. Explore the hidden wonders beneath modern Rome; discover temples, houses and catacombs underneath the floors of Roman churches and palaces!

 Catacombs in Rome seen during the Rome Underground Tour

Highlights of this tour

  • Roman Houses on the Celio Hill
  • St. Clemente Church
  • St. Clemente Excavations


  • Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Starting Time: 9:30 am – 1 pm


  • 3 Hours

Start your Rome Underground Tour

Start your private tour by meeting your guide directly at your hotel downtown Rome to reach easily the first destination of your itinerary, the Roman Houses on the Celio Hill.

Ancient Houses on the Celio Hill

Explore Ancient Roman Houses and admire beautiful frescoes while learning how life was like 2,000 years ago in one of the wealthiest neighborhood in Rome.

The Case Romane have recently been restored and re-opened to the public, along with a room displaying archaeological finds. Marvel at wall-paintings and decorated rooms from 5 separate houses, discovered during excavations in the late 19th century.

Together, we will walk down the labyrinth of quarries and turns, where you will see ancient frescoes and ruins.
Learn all facts and legends about this type of subterranean buildings, where the first Christians and non-pagan communities used to bury the dead.

St. Clemente Excavations

Next, head to San Clemente Church, the stunning Basilica dedicated to Pope Clemente I, which hides another subterranean church, discovered in the 19th century during renovation works.
Discover the layers underneath the church during a suggestive and fascinating experience of the Rome Underground Tour.

Marvel at ancient frescoes, mosaics and hidden temples, before heading deep down to the third level beneath the Basilica, which hosts ancient Roman buildings, possibly belonging to the Republican era. Walk through the tunnels and admire the ancient Mithraeum, a sanctuary of the cult of God Mithras.

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General Information About This Tour


The Rome Underground Tour lasts 3 hours and covers:

  • Ancient Roman Houses on the Celio Hill
  • St. Clemente Church
  • St. Clemente Excavations

Dress code is required inside Rome’s major Churches. Make sure that shoulders, abdomen, or knees are covered. Jeans, and capris are allowed.
I also Recommend comfortable footwear.


Tickets can can be bought directly on site at the official tickets office.

  • The meeting point of the Rome Underground Tour is set directly at your hotel downtown Rome.

The Rome Underground Tour Tour can be customized with multiple itinerary extensions, such as:

  • Food Tours;


We had 2 days of walking tours with Nicole. She was the best! She is so knowledgable and provided so much information for us. We have been to Rome several times and always chose a private walking tour. Nicole was one of the best tour guides we ever had. Thanks Nicole for making our trip the most memorable!

Donna Mchale (Chicago, Illinois)
September 13th, 2015

We just arrived home from our 12-day Italian vacation. Hands down, the highlight of our trip was the time we spent with Nicole. She was a fabulous tour guide! Truly, the best one (group or private) we had during our stay. On our first full day in Rome, she met us at our apartment and took us on a 3-hour tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Forum. On our last full day of vacation, we met Nicole again for a tour of the Vatican. Each and every time she took wonderful care of us!

Kwb327 (Washington D.C)
August 1st, 2015

Simply the best way to experience the Vatican in my opinion. Nicole provided a brilliant and fascinating private tour of the Vatican. She had a hard job as our children (9 & 11) were tired, it was hot and busy but she made it so interesting and really engaged with the children understanding completely how much they could take in. They keep talking about the interesting facts they discovered. We knew it would be hard to make such an historic and detailed site interesting but she managed it and the children and we really enjoyed it.

Simon M (Hampton, UK)
August 24th, 2016

Nicole was such a fantastic guide! She is also an archaeologist by trade and as a result has a depth of knowledge which she shares in an easy to embrace manner. She also has access to places others do not. She is young, smart and bubbly. It is obvious she loves what she does and wants to share her perspective. Our two sons in their 20's were fully engaged and entertained by her. We all learned so much even though we weren't looking to.

Bundle11 (New York, USA)
June 7th, 2015

My husband, daughter and I spent a great morning at the Vatican with Nicole. She is a delightful young woman...and also a trained archaeologist with incredible knowledge of Vatican artifacts and artwork. Her enthusiasm for both is contagious! Nicole helped us bypass all of that and we were in in no time! Throughout our tour, she also helped us negotiate our way around large tour groups that clog passageways.

Linda B (Worcester, Massachusetts)
April 30th, 2015

We took a tour of Basilica San Clemente and the Priscilla Catacombs with Nicole and enjoyed it immensely. Not only was she very informative, pointing out all kinds of details we would have otherwise missed, but also very friendly. She spoke clearly and was always open to us interrupting and asking our own questions. When it came to the Priscilla Catacombs, Nicole knew all the staff personally and was able to show us the most important sights and tell stories to bring them to life.

William2424 (London, UK)
March 3, 2015

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